Biz Op!

I have been pondering and pondering how to escape the corporate life. I just can’t seem to figure out how to replace my income and still live the lifestyle I currently enjoy. I guess it takes a lot of sacrificing and the ability to see the delayed gratification down the road.

I had previously mentioned my dream to a lady I work with. She has come up with a really great business idea and thought it may be something I’d also be interested in. I was so flattered and excited. I won’t give away the premise but it sounds like something we could do that would require a low start up investment and could possibly grow into something much larger. At the least, she said perhaps she could help me market some of my artwork!

I have been toying with the idea of joining a Ladies who Launch group called an incubator. Is anyone familiar with them? Has your experience been positive and influential on your success?

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  1. Having fled the corporate life myself (to start a web consultancy called Interconnect IT) I can only say that for sure – you’ll lose out financially in the first year or two. And that’s assuming that you have a good business that will make money at some point anyway!

    But then that’s how risk and reward works – take a bigger risk, get a bigger reward. I think also that the profile changes depending on the nature of your business. Business to business can be harder to get rolling, but once you’re there your profits should be much higher.

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