I’m thankful for Steve


Steve is my significant other.  I think we’re too old to be boyfriend/girlfriend, don’t you?  Sometimes I don’t know why he loves me but he does.  I am thankful that he puts up with my anxiety—I’m not the easiest person to live with.  We’ve been together going on five years now.  When we met, Amber was in the throes of her teen years.  I figured if she didn’t scare him away, I oughta keep him around!  He has a lot of nice qualities too: he loves to cook, he does his own laundry, and he is very supportive of my habits (shopping, creating art, and hoarding stuff—yes… sad to admit but true).  We love to spend time with the dogs, entertain family and friends, travel together, or just hang out and watch football on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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