I’m thankful for…





I’m thankful for my daughter, Amber.  I love her more than anything.  She is a beautiful, funny, intelligent young woman.  We have had some challenging times in the past but I have faith she will find her way in the world without skinning her knees too many times.  It’s different now than it was when she was small… a Little Mermaid band-aid and a kiss to make it better and she’d be on her way.  Now she’s grown and the kind of ow-ies are different.  Even though I often doubted if she was listening me, I’m pretty sure she heard the message.  I hope those seeds of wisdom I attempted to plant, have taken root and will begin to flourish.  I hope she finds love and happiness and makes good choices.  She is a precious and much loved daughter; my only baby.  If you have a second, say a prayer that my hopes and wishes are realized for her.

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  1. i’m so glad you are playing along! she is so beautiful and love that you included a photo of her when she was little – nice touch! we have so many wishes for our children and so many worries as well! well you be at A & S – Hampton? i’ll be there. i want to take a class with Jane Wynn.

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