thankful for the roof over my head

I love my house.  It is just the right size for Steve and I plus the dogs.  It’s kind of dusty and cluttered at the moment; I like it much better when it’s clean around here.

I usually decorate with sage-y greens and browns but I have painted my kitchen and powder room Rafia from Ralph Lauren and my guest room Dill Pickle from  by Benjamin Moore.  I know Dill Pickle sounds like a really drab green but it’s really a bright sunny greenish-yellow.

I have some favorite things I’d like to share with you.  I have a small collection of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks.  I love the architectural details of each.  They look like little chunks that have fallen off buildings.  I also love my Gracious Goods ceramic pieces; I had to convince Steve the canisters were just for looks… I’ve gotta get the chip and dip tray.

I collect dragonflies, angels, clocks, keys, rusty things, tiny leather coin purses, and different bits of odds and ends.

Here are some of my favorite things:

The window above my kitchen sink.

A beautiful Madonna from my Gramma.

My powder room… It’s off-limits to Steve.

A gift from my mom.

Christmas gift to myself two years ago.

I usually don’t buy stuff full price from Pottery Barn
but I couldn’t wait for this piece to go on sale.

Cheap-o mirror but I love the shape of it.

Special treasure: the mantle clock that always
chimed at my grandparent’s house

My mantle with some of my Sid Dickens Memory Blocks.

One of my Gracious Goods canister sets.

Cute little chipped up sprite I bought on eBay.

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