eBay & Etsy

Oh, my gosh!  I got some really awesome things in the mail the past couple days.  I may have gone a little overboard but hey, I will use these items in my projects.

Here are some pictures of my finds:

I loved the shape of this old clock.  I may take out the clock part and use the outside for an assemblage or shrine project.


I love little jars.  I love milk glass.  I love old labels.  And I especially love dented up tin.  These have it all.  I have an upcoming workshop (Perching Pixies) that I may use one of these for.



I love these little vintage coin purses.  I have a small collection but I am not sure how to display them or how to incorporate them into my projects.  The last one is my favorite – it’s about the size of a quarter.



Certain words and phrases hold special meaning. This Etsy artist captured these so beautifully.  I am not sure how to use these tiles but I feel fortunate to have them in my possession.

dolls  dolls
Are these the most beautuful little dolls?  I have so many ideas; I only wish I had more of them.  Perfect and imperfect at the same time.  I love them!

One Response

  1. okay, i have to know your source for the dolls! i’ve been looking for some like that! please, please tell me the link! i bought an old clock similar to yours and took out the whole insdie and then made an assemblage! it was really cool! so give it a try (and of course, save all the clock pieces!)
    glad you are going to Artnsoul, Va. what are you taking?

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