Christmas Eve


Not sure what I was thinking but I called my mom last night and offered to host Christmas Eve at my house! Yikes… I haven’t started decorating yet let alone done any shopping! I don’t even know if I have enough ornaments for the new tree I got on clearance last year–gosh, where am I going to put that thing? I better get the carpets cleaned and start my usual month-long-before-party-cleaning-frenzy (yeah, I’m a little neurotic). I am not sure what to serve but I know Steve is going to fight me for cooking duties. He’s a good cook but, hey, so am I! I always serve buffet style since my house isn’t big enough for a sit down meal. Besides we’re pretty casual around here. I have some great appetizer recipes up my sleeve but I’d like to serve something different and special; something decadent and impressive. I’m going to have to scour my fav recipe sites and pull out my not-often-used cookbooks.

What does your family do on Christmas Eve? What is your favorite special event food? Any recipe websites you LOVE? All suggestions are most welcome and very much appreciated!


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  1. hi denise! have you heard from your daughter yet? hope everything is ok. email me with your address when you have a minute – you are one of my blog candy winners!

    thanks for playing,

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