Day One

Well, after much drama, my daughter has made it home safely.

I cannot remember the last time I threw up from the flu but I did last night. I think the stress level I’ve been under has definitely affected my immune system. I was so thankful when my parents agreed to pick up Amber at the airport. Like that would come off smoothly… no such luck. She thought she could get in a cab, run over to a friend’s house and get back to the airport in an hour without anyone being the wiser. As patient as my parents are, they were not very happy that she wasn’t there. As a matter of fact, I’m sure my dad was pretty pissed. Now not only are they upset about the trouble she’s been in, they’re mad about this too. I wound up having to drag myself out of the house and pick her up at Lloyd Center. I came home and have been laying around the rest of the afternoon. I’m afraid to eat anything but maybe I’d feel better if I do.  *SIGH*

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