Christmas List

I think I’m about done with my Christmas shopping.  We drew names but I wanted to get everyone something so I bought for the whole family.  That includes my parents, my sister and her family of five, my brother and his family of four, my newphew and his family of four, my niece, my daughter, and Steve.  Oh, and Steve’s mom & step-dad (who always give the oddest gifts!).  My daughter is definitely the easiest to buy for and it’s easy to get carried away.  Steve is also pretty easy but his tastes are a little high-end so he’s only getting a couple things this year.  My dad is the hardest to buy for.  He used to be easy before he became diabetic.  The treats we used to get for him are off-limits. 

I have a couple last-minute things to do and I’ll be ready to relax.  I usually make the cards I send out but have been a little slow getting that started.  I bought a box of cards at Barnes & Noble this afternoon so I may resort to sending those out if I run out of time.  Also, would like to get the dogs some treats and toys.  Chloe especially loves peppermint and cinnamon flavored treats.  The other dogs will eat just about anything if you call it a cookie.

I don’t do much baking.  I can’t compete with my sister anyway.  Her cookie trays are works of art.  I’ll have to take a picture if I can snap one before the beauty is disturbed by all the hungry grubbers.

Tonight I’m heading over to my brother & sister-in-law’s to babysit.  Hope I can keep up with the kids.  My niece is five,  my nephew just turned one, and I’m trying to recover from an awful bout of the flu.

How is everyone else doing about getting your holiday shopping done? 

Who’s the hardest person on your list? 

Who’s the easiest?

Store-bought or home-made?

Any secrets for creating more hours in the day?!


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