TV Favs

What are your favorite TV shows? In no particular order, here is what I love to watch…

Brothers and Sisters – Actually, this is my very favorite show. The cast is outstanding and the story lines are very well written. My favorite is Rob Lowe – my god the man is still hot! If you haven’t watched this show, I highly recommend it.

House – Who would guess that such a sour character could be so likable? Besides interesting characters, there is a fair amount of humor and interesting episodes. Not your usual hospital show.

Hells Kitchen – This is a very different reality show. I think being a chef mandates a bit of arrogance because each of the contestants has such an ego, they just cannot believe anyone else could beat them.

Deal or No Deal – I want to try my hand at this reality show. It has a gambling feel that makes me want to jump up and down, hug Howie , and act like a fool for a chance at a million dollars!

ER – Dang this show for always hooking me in. John Stamos is still as yummy as ever. The show has always been good and each episode is entertaining. I love Abby, Pratt, and Tony the best.

The Biggest Loser – Another show I want to go on. I guess I should just bite the bullet and make the video tape application. I heard they were having a casting call in some cities but I must’ve missed it.

The Office – At first I didn’t like this show but how can you resist Steve Carell? Obviously, for anyone who’s worked in an office, this show hits close to home.

Dr. Phil – I really like this show. Dr. Phil tells it like it is. He is fair and I really wish I would have taken Amber on his show when she was 15.

The Bachelor – Yes, I’m an admitted reality TV junkie. I cannot believe how catty some of the women on this show can be. But it always amazes me that these women even want to go on this show. I guess 15 minutes of fame is enticing for those perfect model-types.

Law and Order SVU – Again, the cast and story lines of this show are so great that the show is believable. I especially like when they take current headlines and incorporate them into the show.

My Name is Earl – This show provides much needed humor. It is so dumb at times that it’s just plain funny. Of course, I have a couple family members (no names, please) who resemble the characters on the show.

Two and a Half Men – This is another well written show. Charlie Sheen and John Crier work together so well. Who out there dated a Charlie? An Allan? The supporting actors are great too. This show never disappoints.

HGTV – I love too many shows on HGTV to list them individually. I really love Devine Design, Designers’ Challenge, Landscapers’ Challenge, and of course, Design Star.

American Idol – Cannot wait to watch the new season. I love the auditions best… doesn’t everyone?!

Looks like I watch waaaaay too much TV!


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