A Rainbow of Colors

I wound up buying some more Sculpey but how could I resist?


2 Responses

  1. Hi Denise,

    I love your blog. Besides great photos, your posts are always interesting and fun. Are you making the heart charms for Hampton? How did you add the silver on top of the heart?

    And have you tried Shrinky Dink charms. At the last Portland A&S Retreat, I rec’d a cool shrinky dink house. The artist stamped the image and then shrunk the plastic. When I tried this technique last night, my ink smeared making it hard to cut out the image prior to baking. Any suggestions…

    Did you receive any more directions from Donna? I might stop at JoAnns tomorrow after work and look at the clay. Is it easy to work with?

    Have a good Thursday. Almost Friday, then the weekend to play!


  2. Hi, Denise!
    This is my first time visiting your blog (after googling “where to buy Studio by Sculpey clay). It’s fun to read and you have *excellent photos* of everything you refer to in the blog. My question is *where* did you buy the new clay? I’m in NW North Carolina, and I haven’t found a vendor yet, and I’m lusting to purchase some! There are the loveliest colors in this line (I’m a mixer, but not much of a note taker, thus, when I do hit on something I really love, i can’t recall exactly how I arrived at the blend–so much easier to buy a package of the color I want: like Raspberry or Buttercream!)
    Regards, and wishes for the wherewithal to sustain yourself during the time in the cubicle so that you can refresh and renew your creative efforts at home.

    SisSun, 012108

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