Books… Books… and More Books

I love books. I especially love art books. I have so many, I’m running out of room to store them. I need an art library. I have been trying to be more careful about how many new books I buy but I am so weak. My last book was what propelled me into exploring polymer clay. Laurie Mika‘s book is so inspiring. I love the textures and the geometry of her work. She is so creative.

I am looking forward to Stephanie Lee‘s new book, Semiprecious Salvage. She had a special offer going on her blog. If you pre-order her book directly, in addition to autographing it, she is throwing in some special goodies. She is also offering a special price on one of her chunky bezel pendants. I cannot wait to get my hands on her book!

Another book I am looking forward to is Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae‘s, A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects to Create & Share.

Another polymer artist I have come to admire is Tejae Floyde. Tejae also works in silver casting. Her work is amazing. I cannot believe the detail and the creativity of her pieces. Tejae, you need a book deal next! In the meantime, check out her etsy shop.


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