Another date night

Yesterday Steve and I decided to go out and have some bar food, a couple beers, and watch the Portland Trail Blazers game. Unfortunately they couldn’t pull off the win but they are still fun to watch. They never give up and play hard. Go Blazers!

Afterwards we decided to go to Washington Square. The first store we stopped in was Bath & Body Works. I love their aromatherapy line. My favorite fragrances are lavender vanilla and jasmine vanilla. Next we went to Macy’s. I’ve had my eye on this cashmere sweater, hoping it would go on clearance. No such luck. Even at 50% off, it’s over $100. I didn’t get it. Next we headed over to Nordstrom. I wanted to find a dress to wear to an upcoming work party. I was sure I wouldn’t find anything to fit me. I was pleasantly surprised! I found some really pretty dresses to try on… in my size! I found one that was on sale that was perfect. It is really pretty. I have the perfect Brighton shoes to go with it. I also found a really cute sweatshirt that I couldn’t live without, which actually cost more than the dress (shh… don’t tell Steve).

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