Grammar Girl & Her Super-Friends

I don’t remember when I first discovered Grammar Girl’s pod casts but I was in total awe. Someone out there in the world actually values good punctuation, grammar, and usage of the English language as much as I do! I have even learned a thing or two from her. If you are affected by this disorder and find your nerves raw when others don’t respect the rules of proper written and verbal expression, you’ve got to check her out.

Grammar Girl (aka Mignon Fogarty) She has several cohorts; each specializing in a different aspect of civility. I am not as familiar with them but I am recommending them as well.

Mr. Manners (aka Adam Lowe) Here’s the go-to-guy for questions about office parties, re-gifting, tipping, even bathroom manners… oh my!

Money Girl (aka Elizabeth Carlassare) This lady knows more about taxes, investing, and monetary wealth than a person should be allowed to. I could, however, use a few pointers here, especially given the economic climate we’re heading toward.

Legal Lad (aka Michael Flynn) I’m not sure if he’s a real attorney but there are some very interesting topics. I think it’s time to update my will.

Get-It-Done Guy (aka Stever Robbins) With a name like Stever, he’s got to be sharp, don’t you think? Anyway, there are lessons to be learned about how to organize everything.

Mighty Mommy (aka Cherylyn Feierabend) How I could have used this info when Amber was a little girl. Sounds like it was written with my daughter in mind: Getting Babies to Sleep, Taming Temper Tantrums, Tips for Dealing with an Aggressive Child… enough said!

Traveling Avatar (aka Will Ross) Okay, this is a little different… not what I thought at all. It is about how to live your Second Life. I tried it. It took too much time and I didn’t have enough currency (L$) to have any fun. I suppose if you’re a techno-geek, you should check this one out too.


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  1. Wow! After a compliment like that, I must offer: if there’s one area of your life that would be utterly Wonderful if you just had a tip about how to deal with problem X … what would problem X be? (my challenge will be answering it in six minutes :-)) – Stever Robbins, host of The Get-it-Done Guy.

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