10 Reasons I’m Voting for Hillary

  1. To end the war in Iraq.
  2. To achieve universal, affordable healthcare.
  3. To create good jobs for middle-class Americans with the right investments in modern infrastructure and new clean, energy-efficient technologies that reduce our dependence on foreign oil and combat global warming.
  4. To provide world-class education, from universal pre-K to affordable college for all.
  5. To promote 21st century scientific innovation, including stem cell research.
  6. To return to fiscal responsibility, move back toward a balanced budget, and safeguard Social Security and Medicare.
  7. To restore competence and end cronyism in government.
  8. To combat terror, strengthen our military, and care for our veterans.
  9. To restore America’s standing in the world and repair our alliances.
  10. To build a more tolerant, united America, working to achieve big goals again.

2 Responses

  1. Love the pixie cut! it is actually really cute on you. i’m with you, i always dreamed of long, luxurious hair. i coulnd’t get over here earlier, but i am going to add your link now. thanks for playing!
    xoxo kEcIa

  2. Amen! Hope she holds on for those super delegates! Have you read her book, quite interesting & helped me understand her background. Plus, we’d be getting 2 for 1 in the deal…..

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