Memory Monday

One of my fav bloggers has created a challenge of sorts. The idea is to transport yourself back in time and share some fun tidbits about yourself. This week is the memorable childhood haircut. In the 60’s, according to my mom, the popular style was called the pixie. I was too young to care at that point but as I got older, I wished for longer hair. Unfortunately, my fine, thin hair wasn’t cooperative. I never had enough hair to wear it long until later in life when perms made fine hair big. Oh, how I loved big hair.

Here is a picture of me with my pixie cut.

Here is a picture of me circa 1988 (not long but definitely BIG):

Check out my sister’s big glasses!

Speaking of great childhood memories… check out my mom and dad (1970-ish). Don’t they look like the proto-types for young Marge & Homer?

2 Responses

  1. Marge and Homer! LOL! I should scan some of mine. I was actually going to implement Way Back Wednesday on my blog next week.

    Please don’t vote for Hillary. Obama! Hillary is way too establishment. And I’m sick of the 2 family political dynasty here – Bush, Clinton, Bush, ANOTHER Clinton? Who’s next? Chelsea? Jeb? Too much!

  2. Karen, I never voted for any of the Bushes. And if you can’t give me any other reason, I’m still voting for Hillary. 😛

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