Memory Monday: My first job

I got my first real job when I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I am in the top row on the far right – yep… I’m the tallest one. When I look at this pic, so many memories come back. I have never been very coordinated so the Marine Corps boot camp was especially challenging for me. When I arrived at Parris Island, I was self-conscious, shy, klutz. When I left, I definitely had more confidence. In the MC was able to see places and meet people I otherwise would never have known. I got married in North Carolina and had my daugther while I was stationed in Japan. There were some funny things that happened in boot camp but it wasn’t wise to bust up laughing. The one time I thought I would lose it was when we were rappelling. We were supposed to go to the edge and slowly lower ourselves down until our bodies were parallel to the ground. Then we were supposed to bend our knees and kick away from the tower. Pvt. McKeweon didn’t get it. From the top of the tower all you could see were her two boots and part of her legs sticking straight up. She was hanging there upside down. I’m sure it was a scary position for her to be in but something tickled my funny bone and I just about died trying to contain my laughter. And every single time I thought about it afterwards, I would honestly laugh out loud. The MC was hard but it’s not everyone who can proudly say they are a woman Marine veteran.

Semper Fi!

5 Responses

  1. that is so awesome! i just added your link. where are you in the pic? when you feel better, you should talk about it more. i’d love to hear about boot camp, experiences. etc. very cool.

  2. That’s a cool picture. Which one are you?

  3. Updated this post with more details.

  4. WOW!! You had a REAL job!! Marine Corps!! Wonderful!!
    My dad always wanted me to go to West Point. * He also wanted me to be a boy…so that says A LOT right there:)
    I didn’t think West Point would take all my makeup…curlers….shoes…dresses…and glittery things:(
    LOVED that you got the giggles! Great picture – thanks for sharing:)

  5. that was fun to read in more detail. yeah, i can see how the upside down woman marine, while rappelling could actually be quiet funny!!! gotta find humor in times of stress.

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