More books and magazines (shh… don’t tell Steve)

I went to Barnes & Noble at lunch looking for the new Somerset Studio but they didn’t have it out yet.  I guess I’m just gonna have to break down and subscribe. 


It was so gorgeous outside, I didn’t want to come back to the office.  I’m really happy spring is making an appearance but I don’t think it’s supposed to stick around… we’ll see: the weatherman has been known to be wrong on occasion.  But before I jump back into work, I just have to express my enthusiasm – especially considering how down in the dumps I’ve been lately.

I did see that Stephanie Lee‘s book is on the shelves, which means the special copy I ordered from her should be here very soon!

Here is another book I am dying to get my hands on from Lynn Perella.  A new art friend of mine had a copy of it and it’s wonderful!

Another book that looked interesting was this one.

Here is one of my latest purchases.  I couldn’t resist when I saw the altered clock on the cover.

Would love to hear about your recommendations and latest purchases!

5 Responses

  1. hi denise–did you get the new lynn perlla book yet? if not. i’ll send you my copy–for some reason this one didn’t tickle my fancy or what ever it’s suppose to tickle!!! that much–i love her goodies so much usually–art, articles,and books–let me know–i’ll send it out to you–sheila

  2. Denise! Thanks for your comment about my chain. I used a PMC3 syringe and made all the links first. I torch fired each one so it was metal and couldn’t crack and then I cut and linked them together. Then I painted about 5 layers of PMC paste over it to build it up really strong and so each link was pretty much uniformly thick and then I fired it in my kiln. voila!

    Funny post before this one. AND I LOVE “smart is the new skinny”!

    Catherine Witherell

  3. well, i think i am waiting on the same books as you, Stephanie lee’s book, which should be good. the other book with the altered clock looks cool. i made an altered clock once and it was cool. a lady bought it right away, i’d love to make some more, just got to find the right clock! i wanted to thank you for stopping by my mom’s blog and saying something to her -i really appreciate it, really thanks! so nice of you.
    xoxo kEcIa

  4. Denise

    I have the Metal Discovery Workshop book. I love it but have not done anything with it because you need supplies I do not have all yet. If you want to borrow it let me know. PS I have not found somerset yet either….but I refuse to subscribe because I am cheap. Hahahaha

  5. Finally got my hands on the Art Making book and LOVE IT! Also got my Somerset Studio. It wasn’t in the store until the first. So, I am definitely going to become a subscriber. Besides there are perks to subscribing: nice discount off the cover price, getting the mag in the mail sooner than it hits the shelf, and they send some little gifts for subscribing for a year or more.

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