Portland A&S 2008 – posted today!

This is the day I’ve been anxiously awaiting for a while now. The workshops for Portland Art & Soul Retreat 2008 were unveiled today. Registration begins on March 11, so there isn’t much time to waste deciding which classes I want to take. The retreat will be held October 1 – 6.

There are so many wonderful instructors presenting so many varied workshops. I have some favorite artists whose work I’ve been admiring.

Nina Bagley‘s jewelry is so interesting and creative. I love the stories she tells with her beautiful pieces. Every time she posts a necklace on her etsy site, it’s snapped up in minutes, which just goes to show how desirable her work is. Nina’s workshop I’m considering is Step into the Story–Jewelry Technique Workshop, which is a two-day class.

Another of my fav artists is Lisa Kaus. Her work is a mix of folk-y, eclectic, and colorful clippings, found objects, and wax. She invokes her style and whimsy into her Tinnies, Cakes, and Houses. Her work is cute but not cutesy. I think either of her classes would be fun: Gridlocked and Be Still My Beating Heart.

I took a class from Jessica Acosta last year and loved it! She is so talented. Her work is beautiful and detailed. And she is so patient and genuinely nice. I’d like to attend Face Cabochons–Tricks & Techniques. I think this would add some nice interest to other work I’m interested in.

Sherri Haab is teaching again. Attending her PMC workshop last year with Wendy Wallin Malinow really solidified my love of PMC. Sherri’s teaching at the Portland Bead Expo: Image Transfers on Metal Clay – so I think I’ll attend at this venue since she’s not teaching this particular workshop at A&S. I have two of Sherri’s books: The Art of Metal Clay and The Art of Resin Jewelry… both fantastic.

Stephanie Lee is also teaching. I took one of her plaster classes in 2006. I am taking her Junk Drawer Metalsmithing class at Innerstandings. She is multi-talented and she has had a book published: Semiprecious Salvage: Creating Found-Art Jewelry. I can’t wait to get my copy and would highly recommend her workshops.

Other artists teaching that I love: DJ Pettitt, Sally Jean Alexander. I learned my lesson on painting and drawing so will not be taking any of DJ’s workshops. I am loaded up with two of Sally’s classes at A&S HamptonLittle Pink Houses and Bottle-icious Brooch – so will leave space for everyone else in Portland.

I wish there was a polymer class. I would love to see Tejae Floyde, Laurie Mika, or Lisa Pavelka teaching at A&S.  I’ll have to find them somewhere else.

3 Responses

  1. You sound like you are loving every minute–good for you!

  2. Question – when you say you learned your lesson about drawing, do you mean that a) you learned to draw, or b) you learned you can’t draw? Just curious, since I am of the latter opinion about myself!

  3. you are so enjoying yourself, you can see it in this post! Glad for you!

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