What the…?

Do I really need another f-ing phone book? I got home from teaching my class this afternoon to find another set of phone books at my house. AARGH! I already had a headache and that was like adding fuel to the fire! For crying out loud! It’s 2008… I don’t need a freaking phone book people! Any info I want I can find online. Quit wasting paper and keep your yellow pages! I swear in the last almost-three years, I have recycled at least 10 sets of phone books. I didn’t know people were changing their numbers that frequently! They drop them off and I promptly get rid of them. I haven’t cracked open a single one. What kind of sense does this make? For the love of the earth—end the madness!

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  1. […] 16, 2008 at 7:24 pm (Madness, Oregon, Ranting, Recycle, Recycling) A while ago, I wrote about the something that drives me crazy. Well, the madness has again taken place! I cannot believe […]

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