My little dog

Chloe, the Chihuahua gave us quite a scare last night. I got a frantic call from Steve that something was wrong with her. I hurried home (I was babysitting for my brother and sister-in-law) as fast as I could. Chloe had calmed down by the time I got home but within five minutes, she was having problems again. Her body was all stiff, her tongue was sticking out, her nose was running, she was gasping for air. We took off for the animal ER. On the way she had another fit. By the time we got there, her tongue was turning blue. They rushed her back and gave her some oxygen, valium, and a pain med. She was having seizures. They got her stabilized and kept her overnight. We went to pick her up today and she’s a little wobbly. She’ll have to be on anti-seizure meds from now on. It was quite a scare. I’m thankful we have such a great facility as DoveLewis here in Portland. And I’m glad the bill wasn’t $2000 like they said it could have been.


2 Responses

  1. dogs are like family… i’ll keep chloe in my prayers.

  2. She will be just fine, all they need is meds and love, both of which I am sure Chloe has plenty of. They are so tiny that when something happens one cannot help but to think that they are just like babies, unable to tell you what is wrong but trusting you will always find the way to make it better.
    And you have.

    You and Steve are good puppy parents. How do I know this?
    I have only to look into Chloe’s eyes 😉

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