Art Classes

There were issues with Art & Soul registration today. I guess the web host they use couldn’t handle 300 users. That really doesn’t seem like a lot to me but oh, well… they’re supposed to be back in business on Thursday. I know there were a lot of frustrated women madly clicking, trying to put their classes in the cart and check out before they lost their opportunity to get into all their first-choice classes. Yep, I was one of them! There are only a few classes I was wanting since I have a full schedule for Hampton. I will try again on Thursday.

Here are the Portland classes I am trying for:

Nina Bagley – Step into the Story–Jewelry Technique Workshop (2 Days)
Lisa Kaus – Gridlocked
Jessica Acosta – Face Cabochons–Tricks & Techniques
Judy Wise – So You Want to Sell Your Art (still undecided)

Here are the classes I am attending at A&S Hampton:

Stephanie Rubiano – Perching Pixies
Sally Jean Alexander – Little Pink Houses
Sally Jean Alexander – Bottle-icious Brooch
Susan Lenart-Kazmer – Uncommon Objects in Tassels and Fringe
Kathy Wasilewski – Tin Souls
Michael deMeng – Morpheus Box: A Transformation Chamber

Other classes I’m taking:

Portland Bead ExpoSherri Haab – Image Transfers on Metal Clay

InnerstandingsStephanie Lee – Junk Drawer Metalsmithing

Lisa Kaus StudioLisa Kaus – Let Them Eat Cake! & Home Sweet Home

3 Responses

  1. I was going to take a couple of classes at Bead Expo until I read the release form and that was that. Our attorney told us that it is binding and I cannot imagine how they get away with it. A lifetime release no matters what they do or are responsible for? that was enough to turn me off in spite of the fact that my dearest Louise (Duhamel) is teaching there. I was planning to take the African bracelet class with her because she is so darn talented and I am not just saying this because we are friends, believe me.

    I too was going to take Sherri’s class but now I will take the one at A&S which I was planning on taking anyway, although I would have loved to see her teaching the image transfers. I will try on my own with the help of her video and her transfer solution that I ordered from her website. I will be waiting to hear what you think of that class. I wish I could have your stamina to do all the traveling and classes, I mean it. Have fun sweet pea, I am sure you will. How is Chloe doing?

  2. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that by the time I went to register for Stephanie’s class it was already filled so I wrote Diane just in case they add another day or someone cancels. I would have loved that class too!

  3. I just found your blog on the Art & Soul website. I too am taking Nina’s class in Portland. When I saw your schedule for classes for this year I said…Oh…there is a woman after my own heart! LOL I too am taking lots of classes this year. Have a great day!

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