Favorite artists

Tejae Floyde is offering her Secrets of the Encased Hearts class online again. I have admired her work for a while. I was a little dubious but this is totally a bargain at $45. Plus you get the instructions so you can refer back to them over when you can’t remember what you’re supposed to do. In some ways, it’s better than an in-person class.

Also, Lisa Kaus is hosting a couple workshops in May—I’ll be in Hampton, Virginia at Art & Soul!—at her studio in Portland: Let Them Eat Cake & Home Sweet Home. I found out she will be offering them again in July. If you’re interested, go to her website and sign up to be on her mailing list so you can get advanced notice. I love Lisa’s art; it’s so whimsical and feels so happy. It would be great to see some of you there in July!

My kiln should be delivered tomorrow… unfortunately, I will be in Chandler, Arizona. Fortunately, Steve will be home to accept it. Hope it makes it in one piece!


3 Responses

  1. YAY! I talked to Steve and my kiln arrived today!

  2. Hi Denise,

    I went to Lisa’s website and don’t see a listing for any workshops in May or June. Do you have any more info?


  3. Looks like all of Lisa’s workshops are closed but be sure to sign up for her newsletters to get advanced notice of any upcoming workshops and sales.

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