I’ve been tagged

Okay, I guess it’s time for me to play along. Laurel tagged me a few days ago but since I was out of town on business, I wasn’t able to respond. Just got back today and I need a break from work so here goes. I know these aren’t the weirdest weird things but I know my mom reads my blog so I didn’t want to post anything TOO weird. Just kidding, Mom! 

Seven Weird Things about Me
by Denise

  1. Tomatoes are my favorite food. I could live on them. Not the store-bought variety but the sweet, tangy goodness barely ripened on the vine, brought into the house still warm from the sun kind.
  2. Growing up I was painfully shy. I am not sure how I overcame this but sometimes I still find myself in a state of panic in certain social situations.
  3. My family has always called me ‘Nise or ‘Nisey.

  4. I used to be a cat person but I developed allergies in my 20’s. I am now an avowed dog person. I love my dogs more than I like some people.
  5. I grew so fast as a child, my bones ached. I have been 5’10” since about age 12. I blame this as the reason I’m so clumsy.
  6. I do not tan. My skin is ultra sensitive and I can’t tolerate much direct sunlight. I am covered in freckles most of which were acquired in childhood.
  7. I am extremely sensitive to noise. Sometimes noise can send me into a state of anxiety so intense, I feel I must escape at any cost.

I know I’ll probably experience 10 years of bad luck but I’m not going to tag anyone right this minute. I may do the tag part some other time. Anyway, hope you learned a thing or two about me that you didn’t know already.

3 Responses

  1. How interesting.

  2. I have to restrict my consumption of V-8 juice – I start drinking it and just want more and more and more. But that’s probably the salt, not the tomato, darn it!

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