New ‘do & give-away

Normally I show up at my hair appointments with no plan. I go through this cycle. I grow my hair out. I color it. I cut layers in it. I cut it short. I grow it out again. My hair is thin and fine. My sister, Cheryl (aka Bub), got the good hair in the family. She has thick, shiny long hair that always looks great. Her daughter also has the same hair and looks like Little-Bub. Anyway, I scheduled a hair appointment for the end of the month. I want a new look; I’m in that cut it short stage. I’m tired of looking and feeling old. I need some color and style. I went online and pulled together some really cute pictures. I would love to hear your thoughts on these pictures. Vote for your favorite and I will have a prize (think fine silver fired in my brand new kiln) for a random commenter on Friday, April 11. I’ll share my thoughts on the pictures after I have a winner.










14 Responses

  1. I LOVE #1 – but think #3 or #5 would be more practical. So who says hair has to be practical? Nobody! If you have the nerve, the first one would be awesome!

  2. I didn’t know you liked my hair. It is sooo boring! But thanks. I love number 2. Love the bangs! And I think it would be the easiest to do with your fine hair.

  3. I choose #2 or #6 🙂

  4. i guess i like number 2…because it looks like a style that once you have to wash it yourself and dry it – it could be repeated….but i never go for layers. my hair has natural curl in it so layers stick out like porcupine quills – even after blow drying straight! somewhere on my blog i have a pic of my haircut and color – ages ago – i call the color “woodgrain” cuz i like it 3 toned with big streaks. go for the drama – it will always grow out!

  5. My vote is for #7- in fact, I liked it so much, I made a copy of it for myself! It kind of reminds me of Diane Keaton’s latest ‘do on a recent cover of LHJournal. I cut my hair for the first time in layers last December. I cried for inconsolably for 2 days- but if you’re used to layers- #7 looks like a keeper for fine hair.

  6. I vote for either 4 or 6… Will be interesting to see which one you do!

  7. I just went and got my hair cut short, how funny. I too grow my hair out not sure what to do with it, then go in and get it cut short. tough choices, I like #2 or #4.

  8. That’s funny Denise-I feel the same way–I want something short and kicky–and my girl keeps cutting it the same way everytime–I love 5 and 7!
    Go for it!

    brenda bliss

  9. I have been surprised recently. My oldest girl has nearly always (apart from one brief disasterous episode) had long long waist length hair. She was inspired to go short. When I heard my reaction was “oh No”. When I saw it however, I was totally blown away. Suddenly I had this fae hip chick for a daughter. There is a lot to be said in the skill of the hair stylist.
    Having said that, all of the styles above have great potential. I like the look on 1 best. Totally because it reminds me most of my wonderful daughter’s new look.

  10. Another vote for 2. Easier than the rest to keep up with, particularly with fine hair. Beside you can wear it “serious” to work, and some gel and some finger work and go “kicky” for fun. Either way I hope you find the right stylist to do it. At Salon Vogue in Lake Oswego, Aubrey would be my first choice.

    She used to cut mine before I decided to let it grow for a while. Good luck sweets, whatever you decide I am sure it will work just great for you,


  11. […] Don’t forget to vote to included in my give away. […]

  12. Go with No. 1. If that doesn’t turn you into a new person, I don’t believe anything would. Since I have thick curly hair (don’t hate me) I have always wanted thin fine hair. With the right gel and mousse you could pull it off, I know! (Not the red around the ears one, though. Only if you move to Brazil.)
    You’ll look great. Go for something a little funky and fun. Play!

  13. My favorite is #2. It looks like it would be easy to maintain!

  14. I like number 4 – it looks easy to keep up plus sassy!


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