Road trip recap

I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Seattle for my uncle’s wedding.

While I was in Seattle, I drove by some places I knew growing up (we moved to Oregon when I was 14).

Here is a picture of the Federal Way house. It is really cute from the outside.

Here is a picture of the Bellevue house. It doesn’t look at all like it did when we lived there… kind of sad.

I went to three schools in Washington.

Kindergarten: Nautilus Elementary

First & Second grades: St. Vincent de Paul Parish School

Third through Eighth grades: St. Louise Parish School

Everything has changed so much in the areas I grew up. There is a Barnes & Noble in Federal Way, skyscrapers in Bellevue.

When I was younger, my cousins, my sister and I would go to the summer movie matinées at this theater at Crossroads:

I went to a couple really cool places. Impress Rubber Stamps is a really neat rubber stamp store. They have the greatest displays. I want a desk like this!

Shipwreck Beads is amazing. They have more beads in more colors than any other place on earth, I’m sure!

Even the sidewalk is beautiful.

Look at this cool picture I took. It was totally by accident!

One neighborhood I drove through on my way to Bellevue Square had these neat art-covered gates at each corner:

Here are some other places I visited on my trip. I am recommending all of them.

  • Fireworks Gallery – Full of beautiful local artists’ work. Located at Bellevue Square.
  • Common Folk Co. – A cool mix of new and vintage items for the home. Located at Crossroads in Bellevue.
  • Scrapbook Nook – A huge store full of really cool paper, embellishments, and neat stuff. Located in Kent.
  • English Cottage Collection – They really should have a true website because this store is packed with some really beautiful things. They also have a large collection of the paper napkins I love to collect. Also located in Kent.

I need to develop a rating scale for my favorite home furnishing, nursery, gardening, boutiques, antique, and other specialty stores. I’ll have to work on that.

Don’t forget to vote to included in my give away.

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