I wandered into this new age-y bookstore while I was in Seattle. They happened to be having a psychic fair so I decided to have a reading. I know, I know… it goes against everything I was taught at Catholic school. I am a skeptic but what if it is true? What if some people are psychic? Maybe these so-called psychics are just more intuitive about others. I know I must give off a certain vibe or aura. My depression and anxiety often precedes me and I believe certain people pick up on that whether they do it consciously or not. Some people are not at all aware of other people’s energy. I think I have a good sense of people but I don’t always pay attention to my impressions. Anyway, the psychic I met with told me that I need to play more; have more fun. I need to quit always being the grown-up. I think she hit it right on. I don’t have enough joy lately. I know if Spring ever arrives, my mood will pick up. I can’t wait for the warmer, sunnier days.

She also recommended looking into a different type of therapeutic program. Has anyone ever heard of The Hoffman Process? Would like to know more about it but not sure if it’s for me. Seems like it’s pricey and not insurance covered. I’ve had a therapist for a long time but not sure if a different type of therapy would be more impactful for me.

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  1. What are your goals for the therapy?

    I’m a believer that therapy is the most effective when you have a goal in mind. E.g., “go to a social situation that makes me uncomfortable now and have tools at my disposal to handle it better.”

    Does the Hoffman Process offer this? Or is it more focused on regression for the sake of progression? (Do you know what I mean?)

    I guess my take – you can’t change the past. You can put it in perspective and move on. Reliving it doesn’t always help. Acknowledging it does.

    Just my 2 cents. ~K.

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