Hair ‘do or don’t

Here is my opinion on the styles I posted a while back. My appointment is in a couple weeks so I know I’ll change my mind between now and then. I will let you know how my actual hair cut goes.

I love this style. I love that it’s sassy and chunky and young. Only problem… I’m not young. If I were about 20 years younger I might go for it.

I like this style, especially the bangs. I think it’s a little too short for me though.

I really like this style. It’s a little longer. I think this is the style I’m going to go for. I’ll probably change the bangs though.

I really like this style. It’s a little longer than number 2. I really like these bangs. I may choose this style.

I like this style… but not the red color. I don’t know if I have enough hair to pull this one off though.

I think this one is really cute too. I like the length and the bangs.

I like the color on this one. I think the cut’s a bit too severe for me though. Maybe I’ll do the this color in one of the other styles.

I like this style but it’s a little too sleek for my taste.


3 Responses

  1. Denise,
    Yes! I got the charms out to you! I don’t have a tracking number, but they should arrive any day?! Thanks for the compliment, I hope people like them.

    Cute hair styles… good luck changing up your style!

  2. Hey Denise –

    I think I like the one where the model is wearing the purple dress – the longer style. It seems like the others would be tons of work to maintain – especially in the weather that we have around here. (#3)

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Oh – Nise – check this site out:

    You can see how you’d look with different hairstyles.

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