Random stuff

I know there is no rhyme or reason to my posts but I do appreciate everyone who stops by my blog. WordPress is great! They have a great dashboard that shows how many visitors you have and what they clicked on. I started this blog in November and last month I had 1195 views. On my best day, I received 126 views! So thank you all again for visiting.

I cannot believe the weather we’re having in Portland. Spring is definitely late arriving this year. In the seven-day forecast, today should be the warmest day; we may (or may not) reach 60°. This weekend, the high may not reach 50° and there may be snow in the higher elevations (1000 feet)! It makes me worry about the fate of our summer as well.

I had a mammogram today. It is not fun. The technician had bad breath. I am large busted (don’t know if this makes a diff) and it was very uncomfortable. I repeat… it’s not fun. Enough said!

Maybe inclement weather will prevent “them” from dropping off another set of phone books this week. Actually, I think it’s a conspiracy. The people who ripped off our recycling bin are inundating us with phone books because they know we don’t have a conscientious means of disposing of the damn things!

I had a wake up call of sorts on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The group I work for hosted a very inspiring and beneficial two-day conference for all HR employees in Oregon. It was a great opportunity for networking, gaining some skills, and learning about new resources. I have had a renewed outlook and have realized I am pretty fortunate. I have some career-development work I need to do but I’m hopeful things are on the upswing.

Talking about networking… there’s been a lot of buzz recently at work about social media and networking. I’m on geni, facebook, myspace, linkedin, classmates, flickr, numerous yahoo groups (mostly art-related), wordpress, youtube, reunion, second life (haven’t gone there for months). Do you participate in this trend? Well, obviously, you do otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Or do you believe it’s more appropriate for the younger generation? Do you feel safe broadcasting yourself online? If no, why not? Have you ever googled yourself? Have you made new friends online? Or found someone from your past? Please take a minute to leave a comment. I’m interested in your thoughts.


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