Tiny intention bottles

I met with some local ladies last night to create these little intention bottles. The project was left open as far as what type of medium we wanted to use. The only necessity was the bottle, of course. When I was in Seattle, I found these really cool bottles full of heart-shaped confetti. I didn’t really need four bottles of hearts (though I’m sure I’ll find a use for it someday) but I wanted the bottles because I really liked the shape and size of them and the wooden lids. Plus they were pretty inexpensive. I decided to dig into my huge stash of paper napkins because that way I wouldn’t have to work too hard to create a pretty collage on the bottles. I used gel medium to apply the paper. After that dried, covered the bottles with double-sided sticky tape-stuff that comes in a sheet. Then I stuck micro-beads all over them. There is one odd one that I stuck seed beads on. It’s a much different look but I think it’s cool. I added some ribbon on some and little charms on the others. I really love the way they turned out. I think I’m going to make some more… maybe for trades at Hampton.

5 Responses

  1. very creative, i like it…. http://snazyink.com/

  2. I found you on my bloglog 😉 and I discovered your blog today ! Your artwork is so beautiful ! And this little bottles are gorgeous ! I love them !

  3. Your bottles turned out beautiful. I still need to finish mine.
    By the way – I’ve tagged you – check out my blog for details:

  4. Teeny tiny bottles of wonderfulness! I really like the one with the seed beads – ocean colors! It’s a By The Sea kind of year, don’tcha know.

  5. Very cool tiny bottles. Curious why you called them Intention Bottles….but I like the images that the name evokes in my head.
    thanks for sharing!

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