How was your weekend?

My weekend was okay. I had a hysterectomy on Friday and was discharged from the hospital on Saturday and was ordered to take it easy no matter how great I felt for three days. Former period cramps were about a 15 on the pain scale but the minor tenderness and discomfort from surgery is about a two. I am heeding the doctor’s orders to take it easy physically. It’s quiet now… just me and the dogs who are in their kennels. I am relaxing until later today when I have to get myself to the doctor’s office to have the sutures removed. I learned a good lesson that I wanted to share with you. Last August when I had endometrial ablation (which didn’t work for me, by the way), my doc prescribed narcotic pain killers. Apparently, one of the negative side effects is slowed bowel functioning. One decision I made about this surgery is I didn’t want any narcotics. What a positive difference that’s made in my recovery! Besides, Ibuprofen is a wonder drug!

Emotionally my weekend was a different story. My daughter has made an appearance and Steve was not at all amused which only serves to irritate and annoy me. It all started on Friday when, of course, I was at the hospital. Amber couldn’t reach me so she called Gramma. Well, in true drama-princess fashion, Amber freaked out when she learned I was having surgery… I’m sure my mom had nothing to do with that. Anyway, who knows what’s been going on lately with the little diva, also known as my only borne daughter, because she’s been out of touch for about three weeks. Apparently, she’s worn out her welcome on the sofas of her girl-friends all over town so she needed a place to crash. That’s where the drama-king, also known as my significant other, also known as Steve, comes in. Whenever Amber’s around, he’s aggravated before anything even happens. He wound up driving down to Salem on Saturday to pick her up (he could’ve said no, right?). And when they get home, he starts his little tirade about how she (meaning Amber) better not give me (meaning me but really meaning him) any problems. If I would have let him, he would have gone on and on and on and on. He just doesn’t get it and I doubt he ever will. She is my daughter, she is my baby, she is my little girl; I love her, faults, bad decisions, and all! I proceeded to let him know in no uncertain terms that he was the cause of the so-called drama going on. Whew! That didn’t sit well with him… then I had the passive-aggressive-Steve to deal with for the rest of the day. Some people’s kids NEVER grow up!

I thought I’d do some reading but my attention span isn’t there. I did buy a book from my favorite author, Jennifer Weiner… she also has a blog. Watched a lot of TV and got caught up with my favorite show (gotta love your DVR) just in time for the season finale of Brothers and Sisters (if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out!). I’ve been shopping on eBay. I bought… a small digital scale so I can price out my jewelry; some little tin molds that I will make into pendants… and some little vintage doll gowns that I will make into art. I met Pamela Huntington at Art & Soul vendor night. She takes little dresses, covers them with encaustic wax and forms them into sculptures. I created something similar with plaster but I wasn’t entirely pleased with the outcome so I think the wax will work wonderfully. I am also bidding on a glass grinder, some vintage lenses, an old magazine from 1915, a dapping block, and some little pocket watch keys (no bidding against me!). One thing I’m looking for but am not seeing on eBay is a disc cutter that will cut circles of 1¼”. The largest one I’m finding is 1″. Maybe I’ll get it and use the dapping block to hammer the metal to fit the size I need. Or maybe I’ll buy the metal already cut into the size I need. I just wish there was a place close by to get these things. I really need a grinder. Maybe I’ll just head over to the local glass shop and buy one. Besides, I hate waiting when I have projects I want to work on. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Hope all you moms had a happy Mother’s Day, were able to relax and put your feet up, and got to share it with your mom, kids, and loved ones. Since I was house-bound, I think I may venture to Scappoose tomorrow to see my mom & dad.


2 Responses

  1. Good Lord, Denise! You sound like you have had a whirlwind weekend. I am sorry for the drama with your significant others, but hope all is quiet on the western front now.
    Take care, and a speedy recovery to you,

  2. Let’s hear it for 600 mg Ibuprofen! It truly is a miracle. Back in 2000 when I had my thumb accident I was SO miserable for the first two days when I was on Vicodin. In so much pain, and unpleasantly stoned on top of it. I switched to Ibuprofen on the third day, and it was like the clouds had parted and the sun had come out.
    Then last year when I broke my ankle, I insisted on it instead of anything else, and was pretty much pain free right out of the box.
    We must spread the word!
    Glad to hear you’re feeling okay – sorry to hear about all the family strife.

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