A&S: Sally Jean

I took two classes at Hampton Art & Soul taught by Sally Jean Alexander and her husband, Brad: Little Pink Houses and Bottle-icious Broaches. I respect Sally’s no-photo and no-visitor wishes. These policies add to the value of the class as well as increasing the demand for her jewelry and classes and protecting her business (smart and savvy, don’t you think?).

Sally is very organized and professional. Each student is presented with the class materials in a neat package. Brad whom she affectionately refers to as her man-slave, is always there to save the day… he does much of the heavy lifting (glass cutting and such). These two are simply good people and it’s evident they have a great personal and working relationship.

In class, Brad demos glass cutting and grinding, and takes the fear out of using unfamiliar tools. Sally generously shares vintage ledger pages, other decorated papers, and cool little bits of ephemera. She seemingly effortlessly creates her mini-collages and puts them under glass sparking everyone’s creativity. The charcoal pencils are one of her finishing touches as is her signature Sally Jean blue paint—the recipe for which she so kindly shares. Her flair with a soldering iron is wonderfully beautiful; smooth and/or bumpy but oh so shiny and perfect!

Sally’s artwork is incredible and her booth is always the most popular at the vendor fair. If you have her book, Pretty Little Things, you know how wildly talented this woman is; if you’ve taken her class, you realize how genuinely nice. I was particularly touched by Sally’s family Christmas tradition—what a loving legacy to pass on to your kids.

Sally travels to many locations sharing her soldering secrets. She also offers smaller weekend workshops at her Portland studio (there are some spots left, I think). The ultimate would be the Cortona, Italy trip in the fall… oh how I wish I could go!

Here are some pictures of the pieces I created in Sally’s classes. I took away so many ideas for new things I want to create. My next purchase will certainly be a glass grinder!


8 Responses

  1. Oh man Denise, my soldering will NeVeR look as good as yours. Thanks thought for sharing your little finished house, it’s so inspiring that maybe I will solder mine tonight.

  2. I love your little birdhouse!


    Hope you are feeling much better. Each day will be a bit easier.


  3. oooooh- I am so glad I found you! It was quite by accident too- a google search gone wrong- I am just starting to use metal clay. I am in Virginia and had never heard of Art and Soul (or would have never considered something so cool would be held close to me). Going back to check out your posts!

  4. Love your bird family. I don’t think we met at A&S. I think you are friends with my best blogging bud Michelle Hold Dear. Love your pics and posts. And, you’ll be so much happier after the big ‘H.’ Totally get your post about the young adult daughter and the husband-sounds like a scene from my house.

  5. Such great work. I do agree that the Italy trip would be heaven. Though I will have to settle for a 2 day class at her studio. In a couple weeks I will be taking her Totally Tiara class. Though I have had her book for some time now and have taken classes from her at A&S. The studio experience is going to be awesome. To get to see where it is that she creates and comes up with all of her wonderful creations.
    Take Care

  6. I love what you did!! I am going to check on taking one of her classes. Laurie

  7. I know! I adore Sally Jean too! I’ve taken classes from her at 2006 & 2007 Art and Soul, and at her workshop/studio. She and Brad are awesome!

    We have a lot in common! I was a charmster, I know Michelle from A&S Portland classes, and one with Anahata in Ashland! She is very nice and she has a cool blog too. I am still working on MY workroom/big mess/someday studio too, I love aqua and brown (I saw your studio walls and accents) and although I haven’t had a chance to be active yet, I bet you are Denise who is a member of WCMMA! I am too. I wish I could see you, I am sure we must have met at Molly Mo’s!


  8. I would love to take a class too.

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