A&S: Susan Lenart Kazmer

One of the most fun classes I took at Hampton Art & Soul was Susan Lenart Kazmer‘s Uncommon Objects in Tassels and Fringe. I had some flashbacks from a jewelry class I took in high school art. I remember learning how to use a jewelers saw, a bench pin, and a vice but for the life of me, I cannot remember what the finished project was. I’m sure I got a good grade though—I had a great teacher: Ms. Knode. She instilled my appreciation of the process of creating jewelry. The most memorable project we made in class was lost wax casting.

Fast forward twenty-some years and I find myself still inspired to create jewelry. When I saw Susan’s pieces on the A&S description, I was excited to take her class. Incorporating fibers and beads with metal was very intriguing. In class, Susan gave several demos on how to use many of the tools. Then it was a free-for-all… everyone wanted to use the same tools at the same time. But with a bit of patience, I managed to create two pieces. Susan was great at offering assistance when needed. I was so pleased at the praise she gave me. I added the fibers and ribbons after class—it was, after all, an evening course. I see so many applications I can apply to my metal clay work. The tools I’m missing, I’m planning on buying.

I received Susan’s book in the mail yesterday: Making Connections. What a wonderful masterpiece. It showcases her work beautifully and she shares so many tips and techniques both in writing as well as pictorially. She must be proud of this book, which she self-published. If you have the chance to take a class from Susan, jump on the opportunity. And order her book; you won’t be sorry.

I misplaced the second piece I made… I’ll post a pic when I find it. 🙂


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