A&S: Stephanie Rubiano

The first class I took at Hampton Art & Soul was Stephanie Rubiano‘s Perching Pixies. This was the first class of the week and I was excited and anxious to get started. I didn’t read the materials list as thoroughly as I should have and brought prints of my images, they should have been copies. Oh, well, I figured I’d use them anyway. I realized the down-side is that if you get adhesive on the glossy image, it leaves a matte mark on the surface. I tried to be careful and it worked okay. Stephanie shared a lot of little tips and tricks. What a talented and creative artist she is. The class was fun and her demos were great. The only negative was trying to get a secure hold with the bench pin to the table but it was good enough to get acquainted with the technique and tools. The biggest challenge was cutting without breaking the saw blade… there’s a trick to it, you know. I’m not sharing the secret, if you want to know, seek out one of Stephanie’s classes!

I used a picture of my daughter when she was about three years old. She was such a cutie. In the picture, she was holding a balloon so I attached a bird with a piece of wire to her hand. I am surprised it held because I was so impatient that I couldn’t wait until it dried to show it off. I had a little mary jane shoe that I attached with my pixie to a little crate.

I came away thinking that I would love to do more with this and started looking for photos of people that would work to make into little pixies. But I wasn’t having any luck at all. I decided to explore some ideas and found this beautiful vintage magazine online. I think some of the images inside will make cute little pixies. Not sure at what point I’ll add color to the images but I plan on scanning them and copying them according to the directions Stephanie gave in class. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Beautiful “pixie”! Isn’t Stephanie a sweetie?

  2. your pixie is soooo cute! i loved that you used a picture of you daugher versus a vintage image, which i am sure most people used. i took stephanie’s butterfly box the next day and just loved it! i’ve already made another one as a gift.

  3. I saw you took the Sunday class from Stephanie Lee, didn’t you just love it?? I took Fri. and Sat. learned sooo much. Now I would like to take from Sally Jean..but I want to take the “light” house.Laurie

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