Something weird’s going on

I thought everything had gone really well with my recent hysterectomy. I left the hospital and took it easy for three days. I used ibuprofen for controlling the pain because I don’t like the side effects of narcotics. What I noticed when I eased off the Advil was this funny feeling every time I emptied my bladder (how’s that for a PC euphemism for peeing?). Anyway, I thought it was probably a simple urinary tract infection since I had a catheter during surgery. At my two-week appointment, I mentioned this discomfort to my doctor who recommended collecting a urine sample. I had to wait over the holiday weekend for the results. On Tuesday, when I spoke with the nurse, I was taken by surprise that there was no bacteria and the culture came back negative but she said there was some blood in my urine. Really weird. And I needed to have an IVP test to look at my kidneys and bladder. I couldn’t get the test done immediately due to work-related two-day face-to-face meetings and a fun social activity Wednesday evening at Ponzi Vineyards (cool place, by the way). So this morning I went over to outpatient imaging for the test. It took about an hour and although I had an IV and some weird dye shot into my vein, it wasn’t bad. I came home and tried to work but after so much activity this week, I was exhausted and I had this dull aching pain so I turned off my work laptop and took some time for myself. When I called the doctor’s office this afternoon, they said they had no answer but ordered another test; Monday, I have an appointment for a CT scan.

Really weird. It’s not unbearable pain but isn’t pain a sign there’s something not right going on? My doctor thought maybe it was a kidney stone but seems too coincidental that it would have appeared immediately after the surgery. Besides, the pain I feel isn’t on that level. I know that there is risk for injuring the bladder during surgery but my doctor said he didn’t have to get near it. I thought maybe it’s just bruised or something but it’s not getting any better so I don’t know.

Needless to say, I haven’t been feeling very creative lately… I think I’ll live but it’s annoying.

3 Responses

  1. Well, that’s unsettling. I hope you discover the source of your problem soon.

    I’ve never had a kidney stone, but my ex-husband had several while we were married, and both of my sons have had them, and I understand that the pain is not “not unbearable.” I wonder if your urethra might be irritated from the catheter. Of course, I know nothing. Still, hoping that you feel better and creative soon!

  2. Hope you find out soon what it is. Yes, it’s absolutely too coincidental that it happened after the surgery.

  3. okay, so what happened? are you still having pain? keep us posted!

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