I love my new scooter

I picked up my new scooter yesterday. The guys at Columbia Scooters are really great. I know I was asking every dumb question I could think up but Andy was so patient with me. If you’re in the market to buy one, check them out.

My scooter is so cool but I can’t ride it. Two reasons: I don’t have a motorcycle endorsement/permit and I don’t have insurance yet. I left work early on Tuesday and ran over to the DMV only to be told that they quit testing at 4 PM. Nice. I called my insurance agent’s office. Insurance on my scooter is pretty inexpensive but they will not cover me until I drop off the payment. I just figured they’d add it to my current policy but no. Before I get on the road, I think I better take the Team Oregon beginner course. If I pass the course, the DMV will accept that and I can get the endorsement on my license. Here are a couple pictures of my new scooter. Is it not the cutest thing?

Ignore the recycling – my garage is a bit crowded.

Not the best picture of the guy at the scooter shop wheeling my scooter to the truck.

I did ride it around the block yesterday and it was SO fun. I cannot wait to get on the road.

Okay, I know this is totally GIRLY… but I think my scooter needs a name. Any suggestions? If I come up with something clever enough, I’m going stick it on with vinyl lettering. The bonus about that is Steve won’t want to ride it. 🙂


9 Responses

  1. I never watched The Bond movies, but I think some sassy Bond girl name would be perfect!

    So envious of you and your sweet scooter!

  2. I didn’t know you had to go through all of that just to be able to drive a scooter. I’m sure it will be so worth it. As far as a name I agree with Dede it should be something Sassy. Though no name is coming to mind at this time.

  3. The Scootress

  4. Minty Jetset.

    Very Bond-girl-ish

  5. I want one too! I adore the color aqua. How the Aqua Velvet Babe kind of like the Aqua Velvet Man!

    Go girl, go….!


  6. Love your new scoot. Please do take the rider safety course though. I don’t think you’ll ever be sorry. I took it twice.

    How about the Green Flash
    definition: Green flashes are real (not illusory) phenomena seen at sunrise and sunset, when some part of the Sun suddenly changes color (at sunset, from red or orange to green or blue). The word “flash” refers to the sudden appearance and brief duration of this green color, which usually lasts only a second or two at moderate latitudes.

  7. Too cute! But I think you’re going to need the side car for your art supplies.
    Scooters always seem European to me, she needs a cute retro French name.

  8. LOVE IT, Denise! i’m trying to think of a name, or did you decide on one?

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