Time out for a laugh

I must live a sheltered life because whomever thought this one up must have a LOT more fun than I do!

Anyway, you’ve gotta check out this blog post I ran across…

After you’re done giggling, come back and answer this question:

How would your significant other react if you sprung that one on them?

I know what Steve would say but I may have to track down the real thing so I can report my real-life experience! For now, read Carol’s product review.


3 Responses

  1. OMG, this is just the laugh I needed this week! thanks for passing this along, I love it! so Carrie Bradshaw, so Sex & The City!

    oh, and I dare say Mr Warren would say Abso(blankin)lutly!

  2. I just had to thank you for stopping by! It’s just crazy, isn’t it??? But oh, the possibilities of springing this surprise on some unsuspecting soul! LOL! Maybe it WOULD BE worth the $20!! I’m happy to have found your blog and will visiting you again! Thank you for laughing with me! : )

  3. *lol*..before I would try something like that I would need to know that I’m using the most “in” colour…but..how would one know? Does one ask someone if they?….*rolling my eyes*. Always something new…how silly.

    hmmmmmmm…I think Mr. Bunny would find it fascinating….

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