I’m just whining

It didn’t hit me until about a week or so ago when it started warming up around here. All at once, my allergies are full-blown. And because we don’t have air conditioning, we are sleeping with every window in the house wide open! Any minute now, I’m sure my head will explode and my eyes will pop out of their sockets. My sinuses are irritated and my ears are fluid-y. I wish I could just go back to bed and sleep it off. Not gonna happen. I have to get my butt in the shower and head off to the office. Oh, my lovely grey-walled cubicle will be a nice refuge after the 95°+ weather we had all weekend. Supposed to be thundershowers off and on throughout the day, according to Steve. Hopefully, a bit of precipitation will wash some of that annoying pollen out of the air. Oh, when will this antihistamine kick in? Gotta love summer!

One Response

  1. Hey I thought you were headed to Wyoming?! Maybe you won’t be so bad off there… sorry you’re feeling sneezy, and wheezy!

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