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Steve’s mom and step-dad, who live in Arizona, will be coming for a visit in October. That means I really need to get serious. My art studio has spilled out into the whole house, including the garage. It’s bad… really bad. Well, I’m not like that woman who was on Oprah but I can’t continue living like this. Has anyone ever hired a professional to help clean up and organize their art studio? Yes, I’m willing to pay money for some professional intervention. If you have a recommendation of someone here in the Portland area, please let me know how to reach them.

After work tomorrow, we’re heading out for the 4th of July holiday. Steve is like a little kid on his way to a major league baseball game or something. In the morning, I have to drop off CoCo for a teeth cleaning. Then to work. Whenever they call me to pick up the dog, I’ll be done for the day. She’ll be nicely sedated for the drive… CoCo, that is, not me… darn it!

I’m off to pack. Have a fun and safe holiday. I’ll be back next week!


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  1. My studio is a pretty big mess as well. I like the idea of someone coming in to organize things, but I wonder if some of this stuff shouldn’t just be thrown away. In fact, I need to replace the flooring in there, but moving everything out for the flooring guys to get in is just too overwhelming.

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