Random stuff

I’ve been busy working on a piece of artwork for a friend. I love how it’s turning out and I hope she likes it too. It’s a variation on the Morpheus box I made in Michael deMeng‘s class at Art & Soul. I need to add a one more thing then I’ll post a picture of it. She has actually offered to pay me for this work. I have no clue how much to charge her for it. I need to make sure it’s finished tomorrow so I can bring it with me when I go to Phoenix on Monday morning.

Today and tomorrow, I am taking the workshops with Lisa Kaus that I’ve been anxiously anticipating for so long. She is such a wonderful and talented artist. I feel so lucky to learn some of her techniques. Her studio is amazing and organized and she has wonderful goodies tucked here and there and beautiful artwork on display. Today was the cake class… what fun! I love her style and can’t wait until tomorrow’s house class. I’ll post pictures when I have a chance. I learned how to use those artist crayons to create depth and richness. In the past, I thought they were like watercolors but now that I know the trick to using them, I am anxious to get some more to use in upcoming projects. Take a look at Laurie’s cake; isn’t it yummy! If you ever get the chance, take a class with Lisa; you’ll be happy you did.

Early Monday morning, I’ll be flying to Arizona for work. We’re meeting there for two fun-filled days. Wednesday, we’re having central air conditioning installed! Yay! No more sleeping with the windows open and no more fan in the window pulling pollen into the house. I wake up every morning with extreme sinus congestion and pressure. Plus, no more waking up at 3:00 AM to the stench of skunk wafting in through the windows. This is definitely something we should have done long ago.

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