Happy happy!

My mom and I hit a really cool antique store today. She bought me a lovely early birthday gift. Isn’t this the most awesome vintage beauty parlor collectible you’ve ever seen?! It has a stainless steel top. One drawer on the bottom and two sectioned drawers on each side. It has the cutest little round knobs and the original paint. I love it!


I’ve actually accomplished something…

Here are some soldering projects I’ve been working on.

This piece is for a round robin charm swap. I love the look of the solder after putting the patina solution on it… looks so tarnished and old. I think I’ll add some words to the wrist (or maybe kanji character like I have on my wrist). I like the simplicity of this piece. I just am not sure about what type of chain to attach it to. I also need to find out where to get some more little hands.

Here are the charms I made for the black & white charm swap.

Here is a charm I’ve been planning on soldering together since May. It’s a little tin fish mold full of little shells and stuff. I also used the patina solution on the soldering so it wasn’t so bright. I love  it and can’t wait to wear it at Art & Soul (By the Sea) and ArtFest (Sea Monster) since both themes are related to the sea.

Since I can find some of the things I need in my art studio, it’s not so frustrating to work in there. It took a fraction of the time it normally would have because of my disorganization and distractions. I can’t wait to be completely done with my room makeover. I know I will be much more productive. And maybe someday I’ll be able to sell some of my work online!


I had my second organization appointment with Brandie Kajino this morning. We worked together for four hours sorting through most of my art supplies (aka junk). I can’t say enough positive things about this woman and already feel confident in recommending her. She speaks Japanese (wow!) and is as cute as cute can be. Unlike me, she can stay focused and is task-oriented. I am obviously not the neatest person alive and she doesn’t make me feel at all self-conscious about my messiness. I am so excited to see how much we got accomplished. I know I wouldn’t have made much progress without her help.

my studio - before

my studio - before

Isn’t that just about the most uninspiring setting ever?! No wonder I haven’t been feeling creative. I won’t show you the before the before picture. Still a lot of work to do but I’m starting to see the vision of a beautiful, warm creative space.

Here’s a shot of just some of the stuff we sorted through today.

the loft - sorting area

the loft - sorting

I am going to rearrange and get some new furniture. I walked through IKEA last week; I decided I want to get something like this:

Or like this…


Or maybe this in white…

Look at my cool new Dyson…


pretty in pink 🙂

I need to figure out the dimensions and get together with my dad to work on the work table he’s going to make for me. After this project is done, I want my dad to help me make a window seat in my loft area. I can’t wait for that one.

What if?

I love makeup. I hate the time it takes to apply it but it makes me look normal and feel more confident. My favorite line is Lancôme. I love it because the products are creamy and luxurious and scented. Even though I have sensitive skin, their products never give me an allergic reaction. Their foundation’s pigment content is high enough to camouflage my freckled skin. And their SPF protects from further sun damage. I love their palette of colors. I’m running out of eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and moisturizer all at the same time. It’s so expensive and four products at once will break the bank! What would happen if I quit wearing makeup? I don’t know if I could do it. I look so different without it. Like I said, it gives me confidence so without it, I’d feel invisible.

Any other makeup divas out there ever give the stuff up? What was your experience? How did your life change?


I decided to go to Molly Mo’s Summer Antique Faire yesterday. I got one really cool item and a few other things. Afterwards, I wanted to go to IKEA, so I made a stop at Monticello Antique Marketplace. I loved their garden section and I found some junky little things that I couldn’t pass up. I should have driven up to the Barn House sale but by the time I got done wandering around IKEA, I was exhausted so I headed home.

This very cool, three and a half feet, tiered basket is my best find of the day.

This very cool, three and a half feet, tiered basket is my best find of the day.

Hand painted tin vase

my favorite kind of junk

my favorite kind of junk

Mosaic cutting questions

I was looking online for ideas for a swap I’m in. I found some jewelry made from pieces of these beautiful plates. Does anyone know how to cut porcelain or china into perfect little hearts, ovals, or circles? Do you think they used a grinder to get the detail after they got the basic form cut out?

Here are a couple links to pictures for a better idea what I’m talking about:

Broken Plate Necklace 1

Broken Plate Necklace 2
Broken Plate Necklace 3
Broken Plate Necklace 4
Broken Plate Necklace 5
Broken Plate Necklace 6

Aren’t these really beautiful?

PS: These amazing works are for sale by these artists on eBay: Vintage China Treasures, Dishfunctional Designs, and Charmed Ware.

PPS: I just bought these items on eBay.

Not sure what to do with them but I thought they were really cool. Any ideas?

Okay… ‘fess up!

Is anyone else watching this show? I have to admit I am. If you were a kid in the 70s, you’ve gotta remember the music, the styles, and the attitudes. I mean, this is not the type of show I feel comfortable talking about at work.

Many of the people I work with weren’t born or don’t remember tie-dye, peace signs, the smiley face (before it became an emoticon), and shows like The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and Love American Style. Gas lines twice that decade in 1973 and 1979, riding in the back of mom’s station wagon, going to the drive in, and watching black and white TV? What about the Vietnam War, Watergate, Apollo and Skylab? Hippies and women’s-libbers? Pet rocks, bell bottoms, streaking? What an era. I could go on an on.

Steve thinks I’m nuts for watching but it really is a good show… well acted, interesting plot lines, and great dynamic among the characters. it’s kind of like an adult Wonder Years. Anyway, it’s summer… what else is there to watch?

So, is anyone else out there watching? Would love to hear your thoughts.