There are two antique sales I want to shop at this coming weekend. They couldn’t be in more opposite directions. Help me decide!

Barn House Sale, which is in Washougal, Washington (Willow Nest will be there)
Molly Mo’s Summer Antique Faire, which is in Sublimity, Oregon

Here’s a new blog I just found that I need to add to my blog list: Shop Vintage Portland. Always on the lookout for junk jewelry, wooden carved hands (like from old statues), paper ephemera, little leather coin purses, tiny shakers & perfume bottles, gritty found objects, discarded keys, architectural bits, well-loved dolls, weathered garden art, anything rusty and old that strikes my fancy when I see it. I guess I could go on and on… Hey, does anyone know what those game cards are calledyou know, the ones that have a letter in the corner and a picture in the center. Here’s a link to Lisa Kaus’ gridlocked piece (on the far right side) that has the R card with the little daisies in the center. For the life of me, I can’t find them on eBay at all.

Speaking of vintage, if you’re into post-modern stuff check out this website. I would love to own a Rummer.

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  1. hey denise,

    i have read great things about the barn house… wish i could meet you there! thanks for the links…shopvintageportland…has me thinking i need to arrive to art and soul a day early…just to find “stuff” for my classes. i am in three classes that use “book covers” and i’m having a time finding them… along with other stuff.

    i’ll stop back by and see where you ended up going! safe travels

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