Mosaic cutting questions

I was looking online for ideas for a swap I’m in. I found some jewelry made from pieces of these beautiful plates. Does anyone know how to cut porcelain or china into perfect little hearts, ovals, or circles? Do you think they used a grinder to get the detail after they got the basic form cut out?

Here are a couple links to pictures for a better idea what I’m talking about:

Broken Plate Necklace 1

Broken Plate Necklace 2
Broken Plate Necklace 3
Broken Plate Necklace 4
Broken Plate Necklace 5
Broken Plate Necklace 6

Aren’t these really beautiful?

PS: These amazing works are for sale by these artists on eBay: Vintage China Treasures, Dishfunctional Designs, and Charmed Ware.

PPS: I just bought these items on eBay.

Not sure what to do with them but I thought they were really cool. Any ideas?


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  1. Those broken plate charms are beautiful! I have no idea how they did that, but thanks for posting them, and do be sure to let us know when you figure it out, okay?

    Love your eBay purchase. They are so art nouveau, which is right up my alley.

  2. Well I can tell I need to spend some serious time here!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!
    I’m heading out of town now, but I will be back.
    I would say you are one creative lady!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Not sure how they do them either…

    Great looking ebay buys but what are they?

  4. They are actually cut just like you cut glass, since the top is vitreous you score the surface and then carefully nip around the edges to get the form, the same as you cut stained glass pieces, at least that is how I have done it before my rheumatoid arthritis stopped me from doing things like that. I cannot put the necessary pressure to score the shapes evenly. I know that other people just break the pieces inside a towel with a hammer and then make the pattern over the broken pieces with a file, but I have never done that, so I don’t know how to explain it.

    And I love what you bought! Are you ready for this? some of those pieces are gorgeous old key strike plates and keyhole covers. The upper left one is a brass light switch cover for the old push button style. I wish I would have found some, and if you don’t know what to do with some of them, I will be happy to buy them from you, LOL. But they seem like the perfect shape to make relicarios or amulets. Shadow box pendants perhaps?

    It shouldn’t be difficult to drill a couple of holes on the sides as I am sure some may be too heavy for a single chain type? You are creative as heck so I am sure you will be figuring out what to do with them. I put my money on that!


  5. Hey You! I finally decided to go visit your blog. I love your eBay purchases…very cool! I know I’m a little late. I dropped in to see your new charms and I saw the metal pieces and had to comment. See ya soon.

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