I had my second organization appointment with Brandie Kajino this morning. We worked together for four hours sorting through most of my art supplies (aka junk). I can’t say enough positive things about this woman and already feel confident in recommending her. She speaks Japanese (wow!) and is as cute as cute can be. Unlike me, she can stay focused and is task-oriented. I am obviously not the neatest person alive and she doesn’t make me feel at all self-conscious about my messiness. I am so excited to see how much we got accomplished. I know I wouldn’t have made much progress without her help.

my studio - before

my studio - before

Isn’t that just about the most uninspiring setting ever?! No wonder I haven’t been feeling creative. I won’t show you the before the before picture. Still a lot of work to do but I’m starting to see the vision of a beautiful, warm creative space.

Here’s a shot of just some of the stuff we sorted through today.

the loft - sorting area

the loft - sorting

I am going to rearrange and get some new furniture. I walked through IKEA last week; I decided I want to get something like this:

Or like this…


Or maybe this in white…

Look at my cool new Dyson…


pretty in pink 🙂

I need to figure out the dimensions and get together with my dad to work on the work table he’s going to make for me. After this project is done, I want my dad to help me make a window seat in my loft area. I can’t wait for that one.

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  1. I absolutely adore your soldered pieces. They are most beautiful!

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