I’ve actually accomplished something…

Here are some soldering projects I’ve been working on.

This piece is for a round robin charm swap. I love the look of the solder after putting the patina solution on it… looks so tarnished and old. I think I’ll add some words to the wrist (or maybe kanji character like I have on my wrist). I like the simplicity of this piece. I just am not sure about what type of chain to attach it to. I also need to find out where to get some more little hands.

Here are the charms I made for the black & white charm swap.

Here is a charm I’ve been planning on soldering together since May. It’s a little tin fish mold full of little shells and stuff. I also used the patina solution on the soldering so it wasn’t so bright. I love  it and can’t wait to wear it at Art & Soul (By the Sea) and ArtFest (Sea Monster) since both themes are related to the sea.

Since I can find some of the things I need in my art studio, it’s not so frustrating to work in there. It took a fraction of the time it normally would have because of my disorganization and distractions. I can’t wait to be completely done with my room makeover. I know I will be much more productive. And maybe someday I’ll be able to sell some of my work online!

6 Responses

  1. Love them all! Especially the little hand for the round robin…I just posted photos of mine on my blog today, too: http://laurelsteven.blogspot.com/
    …and I’m about 1/3 of the way done on my black and white ones….

  2. Love the hand! What is it made of?
    The fish will be perfect for A&S.

  3. I love them all, but specially the hand. Now where in the world did you find that little treasure, and you sure found the perfect way of enhancing it.

  4. ~*Denise*~
    You have a great sense of mixing materials and colors!
    I like your work very much!
    Amber Dawn

  5. HA! I just have to be different. I really like the fish!

    BTW, you were a lot more organized than me before you started organizing. I will have to bow down, put flowers at your feet and crown you the Organization Queen, when you have finished.


  6. I really love all the pieces you have created! I though the back and white ones were covered in polymer clay canes at first, then I noticed they were rolled pieces of paper. The last one is interesting too with all the found objects… very creative!

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