Weekend update

Ever have one of those weekends that starts out wonderfully productive but slowly wanes and by Sunday, you’re feeling exhausted and as though you still have a million things to do? It really is a good thing I have people around helping me because there is no way I would’ve accomplished a thing without them.

I finally got my mom and dad excited about creating some reproduction, antique-style furniture like this and this and this and this to keep them busy in their retirement and to make some extra $$$ to finance their casino trips. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit optimistic that my mom & dad are going morph into this assembly-line dynamic-duo. Anyway, Friday afternoon, I met my parents at Home Depot where my dad bought a table saw and a drill press. Two items he’s been denying himself for a long time. He has many of the other tools he’ll need already. The table saw folds up so it can be stored in his shop and wheeled outside when needed. One of his first projects is making me a custom work table… I can’t wait!

I met with my friend Wendy on Friday for dinner. It had been a while and a lot had happened for both of us since we last chatted in person. It was nice to see her and she looked great!

Saturday morning, my organizer, Brandie came over to help me again. She is amazing. She has wonderful ideas and should change one of her job titles to Super Hero. She was patient with Steve hanging around and still helped me be productive. Her vision for a my studio has been consistent and I’m now starting to see the outcome of all the hard work. I cannot wait for everything to come together. I want something that is aesthetically warm. I also want it to be inspiring of my best creativity.

studio space

Steve actually got one task done that had been hanging over my head for the longest time. We have this loft area that is supposed to serve as an office, however, Ms. Packrat (aka ME!) had used it as a drop-off station for everything that didn’t have a home and the space became unusable as an office. In the meantime, Steve had taken over my dining room table as his personal workspace. I spent a lot of money on my beautiful table and chairs and every day resented that it wasn’t being used for its intended purpose. I am so happy to report that the table and desk have been transformed! Very nice work, indeed. Steve does have a knack that I don’t possess as far as paring down unnecessary junk.

loft office

dining room

One last thing… I  have an exciting development to share with you. I will pique your interest by saying this: I am organizing a very special event. Envision small vintage watch cases and  jewelry parts; glass vials, buttons, glitter, sequins, and pearls; silk fibers, sterling and steel wire. Are you dying to know more? I can’t wait to tell you all about it. It’s going to be a magical time and I hope you are able to participate… Stay tuned for more details.


2 Responses

  1. I am so envious that you are getting organized. My house is a mess…still!

    I’m going out this weekend to look at cabinets for my studio. You’re very inspiring.


  2. Thanks for the mention Denise! Your studio is looking fantastic! 🙂

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