Phone recommendation

It’s time to retire the old cell phone and get a new one. I really want an iphone. That means switching cell phone companies. I’ve been fairly happy with Verizon but roll-over minutes with AT&T is a great plus. Wonder how coverage is in the Portland metro area.  I’m open to recommendations so if you have any thoughts, please share them.


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  1. I want an Iphone too!! One of these days, when the price comes down . . .
    Anyway, I have AT&T and love it. The coverage in the Portland area and all around Oregon is great. There are very few dead spots. I think of course it depends on where you routinely go and what your needs are. We travel around quite a bit and sometimes to areas that I wouldn’t expect phone service, but we still have a signal. Many people in our neighborhood can’t use their Verizon phones in their houses but we only have cell phones and have never had a problem. Hmmm, maybe I should be getting a FREE Iphone for my advertisement about them???

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