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Intel turned 40 this year. In commemoration, the CEO announced that instead of spending lots of money on parties or gifts for employees (how many t-shirts or coffee cups do you really need anyway?), they would target the money they would have spent in a different way. In the past Intel has granted a lot of money to education. This year, we were challenged with volunteering. For each hour we spend at a qualifying agency, the company will grant them $10. The company is trying to reach one million hours… that’s 10 million dollars!

On Thursday of last week, all of HR was offered an opportunity to participate in this effort. All over the world, there were organized teams of HR employees volunteering at different events (during work hours, I might add). I had the chance to work with a large group of my HR peers at the Oregon Food Bank. This agency is amazing, simply amazing!

Besides feeding hungry people in the state, they try to understand the root cause of hunger and are really making a difference. They believe that hunger is related to income (pretty obvious, huh?) but in order to make an impact on the people most vulnerable, they lobbied and helped pass laws which made it difficult for paycheck loan companies to operate here. The result is they are mostly gone from Oregon, which is a good thing.

Not all states have a food bank that operates like the one we do here. They support all the local food banks  in the state so there is no competition among the different agencies. They are defintely making a difference and I will volunteer again. I’m proud to work for Intel because of its sense of corporate responsibility that is so important. If your company needs a team building event, this was a very rewarding one in so many ways and I would highly recommend it!

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  1. Denise, this is absolutely fantastic!! I remember how impressed I was when I went to Oregon and found out about the food bank program and how it worked there compared to here(El Paso). I applaud Intel, you and your fellow employees!!!

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