Art & Soul recap

I had such a wonderful time at Art & Soul. It’s always over too soon. The people who attend are some of the most wonderful women I’ve met. And the classes are always great. I don’t know why, but I was extremely tired the whole five days. I was feeling foggy and slow; not creative at all. I didn’t take my camera so no pictures this time. And even though I tried as hard as I could, I felt disorganized. I did learn some things though and did create some things I’m happy with. But next year, I’m staying at the hotel!

my Gridlocked piece from class with Lisa Kaus

The best things were seeing friends again and meeting online friends in person. Oh, and of course, the shopping!

Anyway, if you want a different perspective of Art & Soul, wander over to these talented artists’ blogs:



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  1. Hi Denise,

    Even though we didn’t officially meet last week at A&S, we were in some of the same classes (Lisa Kaus’ and Lisa Call’s and maybe more?)…I just wanted to say how wonderful your Gridlocked piece turned out. I love the colors and composition – just lovely!


  2. Sorry you weren’t feeling totally wonderful – I really can understand after all the driving you had to do! But your Gridlocked piece is awesome, and thank you again for a fantabuloso time on Saturday!

  3. Hello Denise,

    It was great to see you too. And yes, do get a checkup because this is a real insidious thing that we tend to ignore because of its no pain-no signs-no noise ways.

    I agree about metal clay; my problem has been that I started years ago with my dear friend Louise Duhamel and she taught with Art Clay then. It was cool and I like the finishing but…I tried PMC and it was a total fiasco-I guess I must had gotten a couple of bad batches -so I didn’t know if I wanted to go that route or what. Then I decided to give it another try and it was the tie breaker. Having a kiln the firing issue has never truly been an issue with either, and now of course I cannot wait until Kate McKinnon comes to A&S to try the bronze clay.

    And thank you dear, I am beginning to feel like I am over this, hopefully anyway!


  4. Your gridlock piece is fantastic! I think your little muse just took over. Pat yourself on the back!

  5. Okay…I meant to comment about your Lisa Kaus piece on the post where you showed your Lisa Kaus piece. 🙂 It’s gorgeous!

  6. HI Denise- thanks for stopping by- your piece just turned out so charming! I love it— I also love the jewelry pieces from the workshop you were just at! Lucky girl-
    take care
    stay in touch

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