My wish for you


Happy Holidays!

Warmest wishes to all my blog and art friends. I hope your life and your heart is filled with love and joy now and in the New Year.

Winter has arrived

Monday morning update:

I have never seen this much snow in the Pacific Northwest. I guess this is only appropriate for the first day of winter.  I’m holding everyone who dreamt of a white Christmas personally responsible!


Update: I took the first picture this morning. The second one was taken about 5:00 PM. This snow is crazy! When will it end? We need to get back to normal!

Check out this cool post from my friend, Marci.

New items for sale

I think my etsy shop looks better than ever. I got rid of most of those eBay-type-mug-shot thumbnails I had on my listings. I hope the new snazzy pics entices everyone to buy, buy, buy! Click on the photos below to link directly to the items at artful bliss.

Honing my skills

Just a quick post about my progress with my photography. I made a light box and adjusted my camera. Here are some pictures I took before doing this:

Here are some pictures I took after:

Besides the use of props giving the after pics some visual interest, I think they are a huge improvement and I’m pleased. What do you think? By the way, you can buy the little vintage coin purse at artful bliss, my Etsy store.

Photog beginner

I’ve been so frustrated with my digital camera. I’ve had my Nikon Coolpix S7c for a year now and although I’ve read the user guide a couple times, I still struggle! Should I stick with totally auto settings? Or should I make manual adjustments to the exposure and white balance? What the heck does the macro setting do? Nothing I’ve tried has helped. How could it be so difficult? How do other people take such wonderful pictures and why couldn’t I? I just want to point, shoot, download and upload with as little manipulation in between. Unfortunately, my end result hasn’t been worthy of the shred pile let alone, my new Etsy shop, Artful Bliss.

I was about to give up! Imagine my pleasure when I recently stumbled upon this brilliant artist’s 1000 Market blog. Anandi creates wonderful hand-stamped gifts and jewelry for people and their pets. She is very talented and creative and I’ve enjoyed reading her insightful posts. She recently began a multi-part series and the first installment titled Product photography – the bane of my existence, Part I, resonated strongly with me. Her tips are awesome and after reading Part I, I couldn’t wait for her next post.

The remaining additions to the series are as smart as the first: Product photography – why is this so hard, part IIProduct photography – all the world’s a scary stage, part III; Product photography – where’s that darn photo, part III.V; Product photography – editing, not just for newspapers, part IV.  Anandi combines humor with common sense, tips & tricks, her best known methods, and excellent writing style into one of the best, most constructive blogs I have read. I have learned a lot and now need to put the concepts into practice!

Stay tuned… I’ll have before and after photos in my next installment!

Spreader of Love

I’m sitting here watching it snow, catching up on my favorite blogs. Thinking about how many wonderful people I’ve met and gotten to know through my art network. My good friend Kecia honored me with this award and I’d like to pass it along.


The Spreader of Love Award
A reminder that I’m loved and that there are
other very special people out there for me
to spread this love around with!

Of course, I’d like to send it back to Kecia and share it also with Melissa, Sue, Dawn, Diane, and Marci.