Here are some items I listed on artful bliss, my etsy store. I am having fun taking more artistic photos and love how some of these have turned out.

The three pink-lidded jars are not for sale… just love them though!

4 Responses

  1. I really like the picture of the three pink lidded jars. Seems like the ducks might have come out a little dark. I sometimes post Photoshop tutorials on my blog. If your interested come take a look. Beautiful pictures though..I am off to check them out on Etsy. Happy New Year

  2. artistic photos are fun, aren’t they? i love finding new ways to take pictures of my art. and i like them to be all different. some shoppes have the same photo of their art over and over again; not for me!

  3. Really nice photos, Denise! I’m totally making myself a DIY lightbox….

  4. The photos look fantastic Denise! I read through the tutorials and I am going to be working on this myself. I’m never happy with my photos. Thanks for sharing the link.

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